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(first published 16 November 2012)

Yesterday we had an unexpected little adventure when we went to mail a letter all by ourselves! We think we did quite a good job in the end but when we first got to the post-box there was a wee little problem…we just couldn't reach high enough to put the letter in the post-box’s mouth. We tried standing on tippy toes, we tried jumping, we even made a Picsee tower by climbing on top of each other but we were just too little…the only option we had was to go back home and try to build a catapult or a ladder.

We decided it’s probably best to build a ladder cause we’re not really allowed to make catapults any more. We got all our paintbrushes and covered them with glue. Next we had to put them together in a ladder shape but they all got stuck to the floor, except for one that got stuck to the wall. We tried again with our pencils and made an even bigger mess so we decided to stop before we glue ourselves to the floor cause that would make it very difficult to prove we had nothing to do with it…this also meant we were left with only one option…

it was quick to find all the ingredients for our catapult, and before long we were back at the post-box. When we got there we played a game of ‘who can draw the shortest straw’ to see who has to go on the catapult…but we forgot this is never a good game to play with goblins and Eric made us re-do the game seven times until eventually he got the shortest one. With the letter under his arm and a big smile on his face he pointed the catapult at the post-box and jumped on.

We are still not sure if it was a miscalculation of angle and projection or maybe just too many springs but something went a wee bit wrong and Eric ended up inside the mailbox and the letter was still outside! This was not the best solution but also not the worst one; we just opened the letter and read it to Eric so he can just say it when he gets delivered. It will be almost like getting normal mail only instead of paper you get an Eric! My brother said that’s what an E-mail is, but that doesn't sound right to me.

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